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OBD Replicator Cable

Duplicate your OBDII port

The replicator cable will keep your tracker completely out of sight while allowing you to have two working OBDII ports. This OBD II connector cable is extremely useful for anyone who needs to hide their tracking device or always have an available port, while the other is in use.

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Expires on 06-02-23


  • Replaces original OBD port
  • Allows for discreet placement of OBD tracker
  • Supports all standard OBD II protocols
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Locating your Port

The OBD II connector cable allows for a more fixed and versatile installation when using our OBD GPS Tracker.

Port Replicator allows you to:

  1. Use your vehicles existing OBD port bracket to fasten the OBD replicator
  2. Connect your device inconspicuously and securely underneath the dash board
  3. Maintain an OBD II port for diagnostic use while keeping the device connected

Peace of Mind

This combination of features is made possible because the Replicator OBD cable attaches directly to your OBD port so that both can be hidden underneath the dashboard, along with your GPS tracker.

Completely Covert

Once the OBD Replicator is in place the device and cable are tucked under the dashboard so you have a working OBD port with no readily visible indication of the GPS device.

OBD Replicator Cable

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