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Hibernator Case

The GL300 combined with the Hibernator Case provides up to 60 days of use without recharging with the power saving motion sensor. The case includes a highly magnetic force magnet to assist in device mounting.

OBD Extension Cable

This extension cable will allow for a more flexible placement when installing your OBD tracker. Plug one end into your OBD port and the other will by used by the device.

OBD Replicator Cable

The OBD II Port Replicator allows for a more fixed and versatile installation when using our OBD GPS Tracker.

Mini Magnetic Case

The GL300 combined with the Mini Magnetic Case provides up to 15 days of standby use and up to 8 days of one minute tracking without recharging. The compact case includes two high force magnets to assist in mounting under a vehicle or onto heavy equipment or other metallic surfaces.


Connects directly to the GL300 to provide up to 60 days of use without recharging. To be used as a replacement or spare battery with the Hibernator Case (sold separately).

Soft Polymer Case

Provides a convenient way to hold and protect the portable device while it is in use.